Frequently Asked Questions About Our Van Hire

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Self drive hire is just a small part of our business. We have our own workshops & qualified technicians. If you break down in the local area we will attend otherwise a national breakdown company will attend.

There are no mileage limits in place (unlike most other companies!)

You MUST have a Full UK Driving Licence held for at least 2 years

You MUST be over 23 years old or under 70 years old

You will be insured fully comp but subject to a £600+ VAT excess. Goods in transit are not convered. You will have the choice to waiver the excess to £200+ VAT for a extra fee. This is up to yourself but is recommended. Any overhead damage, tyre damage or punctures, glass damage, negligence or dangerous or driving without due care in our vehicles will not be covered. All costs incured will be charged to the customer.

In the event of our vehicle being stolen the insurance excess will apply and be charged. In addition our company will charge loss of rental until the vehicle is located & returned to us in its original condition. NOTE If the keys are left in the ignition you will be fully responsible for this, all insurance will be void and if the vehicle is not recovered you will be charged the total value of the vehicle.

Vehicles must be returned with the same amount as it left our compound. Failure will incure fuel charges at £1.30 per litre & VAT.

All accidents or emergencies are to be reported straight away

If you breakdown we will supply you with details of a breakdown company to call. IF breakdown is called for no reason or no fault is found then cost will be passed on to yourself.

All charges and fines are the hirers responsibility. Your details will be passed on as required if this happens.

In the event of misplaced keys you will be charged to replace missing keys and reprogramming of central locking if required.

Hire times are 8.30am - 8.30am or 5pm - 5pm. There are no exceptions whatsoever to vehicles returned late. A full days rates will be charged in all circumstances. We do not issue refunds for early returned vehicles.

If the incorrect fuel is put in our vehicle do not start the engine! If our vehicles is driven with incorrect fuel (IE petrol in diesel van) then all costs for damage will be passed on to the customer, your deposit will be lost and insurance will be void. The same applies if agricultural "red" or "green" diesel is used or fuel from contaminated cans, you will be charged, there are no excuses for this rule.

All drivers must provide there original drivers licence (both parts) plus one further form of ID including one which proves the drivers current address, copies will be kept.

Drivers with the following conviction codes are unacceptable, DD, UT, Driving whilst disqualified. People suffering from epilepsie, heart conditions, diabeties unless DVLA informed & licence granted.

Light damage to vehicles IE scratches & scuffs will be charged to the customer at a price quoted from our local bodyshop.

If you have any more queries then please contact us